Magnetastics Magnetic Jewelry
Hi from Phoenix Arizona

We are David and Janet Bowman, the designers of
Magnetastics Magnetic Jewelry. We create our jewelry in
our home in Phoenix, Arizona and sell it online and at street
fairs and craft shows or other events in and around the
Valley of the Sun.

We first discovered magnetic jewelry in 2002 on a vacation
trip to Sedona, Arizona.David bought a double magnetic
bracelet for his wrist mostly because it really looked good,
but also to test it to see if magnetic therapy really did work.
About Us
It really helped his stress levels from driving every day in Phoenix traffic. It also seemed to
improve his overall wellbeing. Everyone admired it and wanted one themselves. We
discovered that we could purchase the magnetic beads from a local bead warehouse and
we started making magnetic jewelry as a hobby for our friends. Many encouraged us to
make a business out of it and in November 2004 we started our own home-based business
and named it "Magnetastics", a real tongue twister to some people.

Today we create magnetic bracelets, magnetic necklaces, magnetic bands for watches,
magnetic anklets and our best sellers are our custom magnetic rings.
David and Janet Bowman
Glendale, Arizona